Our achievements are attractive, seductive and carry your momentum.

Archi-bio designs your complete project (with plans, permits, costing businesses, 3D tour) and provides site supervision.

The 3D photorealistic animated video, visual marketing tool, increases the project readability.

Services :

- Individuals, professionals, property developers: we realize your construction, renovation, extension ;

- Accessibility Setup : for individuals and establishments receiving the public (ERP), according to the February 2005 Act.
Some achievements :

Press review : overall Development Project of the natural lake of LOURDES.
Customer : LOURDES Country Community of Cities. Assistance Mission to Work Degree in Planning, Public Order. 2008.
Archi-bio presented the development of LOURDES Lake, with a virtual tour in 3D.

Comprehensive Management Project of Lake LOURDES, protected site, Natura 2000.

The Lake of Lourdes. A human scale development, Lourdes Mayor, news paper : Dépêche du Midi.

Workshop tools :

7 impasse Fauré. 33000 BORDEAUX.

CAD 3D workstation
- 1 i7 XTREM Workstation, octocore, W7 PRO 64-bit OS, 32 GB RAM, GPU GTX TITAN X.
2 x 43" 4K 16/9° ;
- 1 XEON Workstation, quadcore, W7 PRO 64-bit OS, 16GB RAM, GPU GTX 1080.
2 x 28" FHD 16/10° ;
Camera :
- SONY Cybershot DSC-HX50.
Printing-copying :
- A0 photo printer ;
- Laser color printer.
Measurement :
- Hardware and software solution for laser scoring with cloud of point ;
- Bluetooth laser LEICA telemeter.
Backup and data security :
- N.A.S ;
- Cloud server ;
- High sensitivity voltage protection EATON 5S 1500.
Languages :
- French ;
- English, English spoken ;
- Spanish, Se Habla Espanol.