Bio-Architecture and High Biological Quality Habitat


Design and implement a unique project, healthy, aesthetic, functional :

Your project is new thinking in a new context.
The recommended biological materials are safe for the health of occupants.
The style, interior design, planning proposals are unique, you match, facilitate your daily life.

Our approach : Whole Human dimension, in a sustainable perspective ...

Our analysis is exploratory, our research: prospective, technical, pragmatic.

Two wills systematically live our projects, create an architectural, functional design, and aesthetics, and deepen thoughtful and respectful, a private or public context.

These attentions reflect the addition of training and further collaboration around Architecture and Design :
. Designer and Landscape Architect ;
. Master of Work and Economist of the building ;
. Geographer ;
. Geobiologist and Feng Shui Consultant.

Our work leads us to the varied backgrounds of achievements, our ambition is to share our experiences with diversified building owners, this renewed interest in each project, and return the territories in which we operate, durable and resilient.

Openness, knowledge of the world are a source of innovation in line with current environmental contingencies, and form the basis of reflection of each project, with attention to multiple constituent of contemporary life, logic, quest for meaning of, use, function, relationship, are at the heart of the creative process.

Our goal is to meet your need for a building, a house, a home, a garden...