From inside to the garden.

Our achievements across eras and trends for you.

Services :
- Individuals, you want to renovate a house, apartment, loft, farm, barn ;
- Professional, improve your delivery framework, concept store, restaurant, hotel, office ;
- Harmonize the interior according to the precepts of Feng Shui ;
- Object design : some contemporary furniture, wood paneling, custom, unique ;
- Property development : interior design, exterior ;
- A suspended hut, a theme garden, surprising, Feng Shui, Zen ;
- Coaching and makeover, ready for your sale, lease.
Times are optimized to limit time of work.

Lastest production :
An old hotel renovated into 7 apartments. LOURDES
Interior design of an apartment and accessibility implementation. TOULOUSE.
Creating a medical office. LOURDES.