At our first meeting, discuss your project, we have the solutions ...

Archi-bio accompanies you to the design, during the works, and to the reception of your project, according to the rules of the Art and of implementation in force (norms, Code of Town Planning).
Your project is a unique creation, personalized with the regulations, deadlines, and costs controlled.
The fees indexed to the total amount of work duty.
Given advice, design work, site supervision, working with us is safer.
You have the possibility to mandate us for a partial mission or for a complete one.

Partial mission :
1 - Surface survey, footage.
2 - Pre Project with 3D : precisely defines the characters of your project and its budget. Establishment of plans, visit in 3D.
3 - Project, permits and authorizations, realization and deposit of files, followed by the instruction until obtaining. We carry out building permits (surface <150 m²)*, works, demolition, preliminary declaration, planning certificate, modification, etc.
4 - Consulting of companies : on call for tenders, analysis of the candidatures, negotiation to propose to you the most interesting for you.
5 - Follow of works, visit and weekly site meeting, and verification of planned and committed services, until reception with assistance to reception operations.
6 - Fees and conditions.

Complete mission :
The complete service includes all the previously stated tasks, the project is designed in every detail, with plans and 3D visit, filing of administrative authorizations, consultation of companies, and support during works with visits and weekly site meetings.
Mandate us : it is a personalized, aesthetic and functional project, a professional insurance, and a real added value for your good.
All services engage our seriousness, and our responsibility.
These services present the necessary progress to the realization of your project, and constitute our legal framework of convention with the Owner, the customer.
We have a professional liability insurance and a decennial insurance of Master of Work, to accompany you during the work.

Detailled of our missions 

1- Project with 3D

Project with 3D, defines the guidelines of the project, gives its general characteristics (qualitative and quantitative), fixing the proposed technical provisions and provides an estimation of the cost of the project.

We design the project, draw standard graphics documents, in the rules of Art, in line with urban and environmental regulations.

Accompanying graphics parts, a 3D photorealistic video, increases the readability of the project, its environment, sunshining, landscaping. (Video of the project available on YouTube)

Mission in new construction and building renovation :
- Define the dimensions of the structure, design plans and 3D ;
- Define the aesthetic principles, constructive, material and technical facilities ;
- Determine with the client, the choice of equipment (walls, floors, etc.), investment costs, operation and maintenance ;
- Adequacy of coùt works, in separate batches and program definition ;
- Remuneration (s) the company (s) under project management contract.

2- Building permits and authorizations

Phase Building Permits, we design your project, in the rules of Art, with urban and environmental regulations. Permit are followed up its acceptance to the Planning Department.

Particulars - Professionals :

We realize all graphic documents required, the leaflet, the landscaping component, and parts necessary for the Planning Department of your city.

An interactive virtual tour in 3D adds clarity to your project, available on YouTube.

Services :
- Building permits ;
- Demolition permits ;
- Declaration of start of work ;
- Prior declaration ;
- Urbanism certificate ;
- Amendment of license valid ;
- Transfer request.

3- Business Consultation

Your project is established, and, your project's solution are validated.

The Phase of business consultation :
- Consulting enterprises ;
- Analyzing and negotiating offers businesses (retain the best benefits) ;
- You decide what will be your enterprises. Companies are selected for their skills, and professional references.This phase ends with the contract between you, and company(ies) selected, with all the guarantees to start peacefully scheduled jobs.

4- Supervision of works

Follow-up of construction site. We assure the organization, and work management, its weekly meetings : execution control work in accordance with the standards and rules of Art and implementation, preparing orders services, weekly check undertakings situations.
The completed work, we assist you to the reception operations of your property. 
We have the professional insurance for the site supervision.

5- Fees and Conditions

In accordance with applicable laws, to protect all parties under contract :

Whatever the nature of our intervention, we start the services with a command letter (policy document), previously written with the Client (the client), stating precisely the intervention.

Each service, act and design phase, resulting in the establishment of documents: graphics (plans), administrative (declaration, notice, etc.) and quantitative (operation encryption), and site meeting.