Step 1. Architectural and technical study.
ARCHI-BIO advises you and assists you in editing and defining the content of your project.
After the first appointment, and a site visit before work, and depending on the complexity of the project, two to three work meetings will follow to refine the definition of your project. In some cases, a remunerated preliminary study mission may be recommended.
The technical study may include various tasks :
- programming, either the feasibility studies of your future home or a real estate program ;
- evaluation of the financial envelope of the program: compilation of the specifications ;
- possible search of the land, entrusted to our partners ;
- preliminary sketch and choice of the architectural part ;
- study of trends, colors, materials, accoustics ;
- studies of the administrative, legal and financial aspects of the proposed works ;
- complex surveys of existing buildings ;
- technical choice of construction or renovation ;
- program writing ;
- planning.
The program is a validated document by the client, which serves as a reference in the design and execution of the project.
It is all of these studies that allow us to offer you a turnkey contract.

Step 2. Signing the contract.
ARCHI-BIO commits itself contractually on the prices, the quality of the work and the delivery time assuring you a total control of your operation. We only sign a contract after clarifying all the questions with our answers and proposals.

Step 3. Architectural study and realization of the works.
Once the contract is established and signed by both parties, ARCHI-BIO realizes the development of the architectural and technical project within its premises, with a 3D video (propelled on Youtube) to follow the creative process and make modifications according to your aspirations that can evolve;
To enable the Project Management to provide an architectural, technical and economic answer to the requirements of the program, the Client entrusts all the elements of mission and information necessary for the realization.
ARCHI-BIO controls the works, and is also a construction pilot.
For the sake of transparency, weekly site and summary meetings are organized to verify the conformity of studies and works with the defined program.

Step 4. Receipt of the finalized work.
ARCHI-BIO handles the delivery, receipt and receipt operations as well as the transmission of the Executed Works File (E.W.F).
The receipt of the work is not the end point but the unique starting point of our guarantees and responsibilities to you.

Step 5. Monitoring of contractual guarantees.
We naturally ensure the follow-up of the guarantees: guarantee of good end of site with our partner insurer.

We realize and sign the building permits of our architectural designs in new construction and renovation, of less than 150 m² of floor area, beyond this surface, this permit is obligatorily deposited by an Architect, in accordance with the Law n ° 77-2 of January 3, 1977. We work, in a consortium, with an Architect, when the project requires it.